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RHG002 - Rhino gravity unit
Rhino gravity unit. Compact, light, made of high density polyethylene.
RBD002 - Rhino pump unit
Rhino pump unit . Encased pump motor facilitates waste water drainage for above ground grease traps.
AG001 - Plastic agitator
This device assists in making the Rhino unit extremely user friendly. In situations when drainage is blocked by excess oil or grease this device allows the user to agitate the filter and assist the drainage process without having to open the lid. We have had very positive feedback from all customers who have installed this device. It can be easily installed in minutes.
PS001 - Strainer for simplex and duplex
It is highly recommended that whenever a pump is being used to move the waste water on to the grease trap a "stainless steel pump strainer" be installed. The pump strainer prevents solids, such as tooth picks etc. from blocking or even damaging the pump impellent. The "stainless steel strainer" should be inserted into the Rhino cavity under the white plastic strainer as illustrated bellow.
RHP001 - Portable unit for floor drains
This filtration unit is designed to filter waste water expelled from large cauldrons. We have distributed these units to army bases, hotels & institutional cafeterias. The top lid is removable in order to install or remove the filter. The same filter as is used by the Rhino units. The bottom (floor) of the unit is perforated to allow drainage. It is usually placed on top of the floor drain channel but can also be placed on top of a single round floor drain. (in this case the bottom strainer must be adapted to the drain configuration).
RHBD030 - Box of 30 filters
A specially designed membrane with unique characteristics to capture wet waste solids and grease.
DC-2, DC-3, DC-4 - Drain cones
Eliminates floor drain blockage. Easy to use, when filter is full, remove, empty and re-insert into the drain. Can be reused many times!

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Ice Wand
The Most Cost-Effective and High-Performance Product for Controlling Ice Machine Slime. The patented Ice Wand technology reduces this risk and significantly reduces down time traditionally associated with ice machine cleaning. Use of the Ice Wand reduces cleaning costs by up to 70%. Download Information Sheet

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  Greasewatch 3
"G3" On Line Temperature Solids & Liquid Level Tank Monitoring <br />
System For Grease Traps & Septic Tanks. G3 TANK VISION is your Internet Based Tank Monitoring Service providing daily data that can be analyzed by Facility Manager(s). Download Information Sheet
  PS-50 Lift Station Alarm
RTM's Pump Station Level Alarm is a non-contact, ultrasonic level sensing device that notifies operator(s) when the liquid level reaches a critical height. The PS-50 Lift Station Alarm was designed with the customer in mind. All that is needed is access to a computer, text messaging or a phone to know when your pump station has reached critical levels. Download Information Sheet

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Bacterial Drain & Trap Cleaner
Works through bacterial action. Applied weekly, BDC keeps pipes and traps flowing freely. BDC is non-corrosive and will not damage pipes or burn skin. BDC will prevent build-up of the organic matter that creates odors and a breeding ground for insects and flies. Download Information Sheet
Drain & Trap Deodorizer
A granular powder that oxidizes malodors without the use of bleach, disinfectants or harsh chemicals. Great for eliminating odors in floors drians, bar sinks, and mop buckets. Download Information Sheet
Grease trap Treatment
A specially formulated bio-augmentation product that reduces food oils, fats and grease in grease traps, drains, septic tanks and cesspools. Contains ROETECH bacteria and is enzyme free. Download Information Sheet
GT Max
A highly concentrated "Heavy Duty" grease trap product for use in systems that suffer overloading or are undersized in capacity. Contains ROETECH 106 bacteria. Download Information Sheet
Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner
A ready to use concentrated combination of live bacteria, stabilized enzymes and biodegradable surfactant that cleans drains and traps of fat, grease and food residuals. It is safe for all plumbing and leaves sink area smelling clean and fresh. Download Information Sheet
Main Line Cleaner
A concentrated ROETECH bacterial waste-degrading product designed to clean main sewer pipes of grease, fats, sludge and paper without the use of harsh chemicals. Ideal for use in drians with "Low Flow" toilets. Download Information Sheet
Professional Strength Liquid Drain Opener
Provides the extra clog-busting power of 28% sodium hydroxide to quickly open clogged sinks and drain lines. Download Information Sheet
Septic tank Treatment
A specially formulated to meet the demands of septic tanks serving restaurants, hotels, inns, camps and other food preparation facilities. The bacteria is STT breakdown protein, starches, cellulose, grease, food oils and organic chemicals present in cleaning products frequently used in kitchens. Download Information Sheet
Soap Degrader
A specialized bacteria to degrade soaps and detergents in institutional food service wastewater systems. Download Information Sheet
Trap-Sak Grease Trap Treatment
A cylindrical solid designed to be hung in a grease trap or pump chamber that continuously releases ROETECH bacteria to degrade fats, oils, grease and food residuals. Download Information Sheet

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Roetech 103
A highly concentrated mixture of three patented Bacillus bacteria with a wide temperture range and broad spectrum of activity. Download Information Sheet
Roetech 104
A highly concentrated mixture of four patented Bacillus bacteria that ideal for application to aerated septic tanks, cesspools, and "packaged" wasewater treatment systems. Download Information Sheet
Roetech 106
A highly concentrated mixture of six patented Bacillus bacteria for use in food processing and large wastewater treatment systems. Download Information Sheet
Roetech 106 PS
A highly concentrated mixture of spores and vegetative bacteria. Six patented Bacillus bacteria combined with two pseudomonas species provide a multiple enzyme producing culture to degrade surfactants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals in addition to standard sewage components. This blend is offered as a bulk powder and in 8-ounce water-soluble packs Roetech 106 PS WS-8. Download Information Sheet

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